2015 Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo
Championship BBQ Cookoff

Planet Texas Sponsorship Program

ThePlanet Texas Cookoff Team is one of the most recognizable and well known cookoff teams at the Rodeo Houston World Championship BBQ Cookoff. Our Alamo facade, and reputation for putting on a high profile, fun filled, well managed event is well earned.

WINNERS: Planet Texas has won many awards over the years in cooking competitions (BBQ and Chili), as well as in Entertainment.

PRESENTATION: Planet Texas prides itself in providing a presentation and an atmosphere that is dignified, yet fun. We strive to emulate the character and values of the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, and present an image of the best in Texas Culture. Our Alamo facade is known far and wide, and is the most memorable sight of the cookoff.

THE CAUSES: The Planet Texas Cookoff Team consists of many members and committeemen of the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. We enthusiastically support the HLS&R cause of supporting youth and education in Texas. Additionally, Planet Texas supports The Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Family Alliance by conducting a function on Saturday afternoon, when we will bring bus loads of cancer kids and their parents for an afternoon of food, fun, culture, entertainment, and carnival festivities. This event will have many entertainers, clowns, and representatives from Houston's professional sports teams. Your support of Planet Texas enables us to support these fine organizations.

Planet Texas is dedicated to the preservation, education, and celebration of the culture and heritage of the Lone Star State.

Contact:  President, Marty Wells 713-444-0524 OR